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The SecondLookTM Histology mobile application for the iPad, the iPhone and Android devices is a study aid that provides a series of histology slides for users to self-test their level of knowledge and ability to recognize histological structures. The slides in the Michigan Histology SecondLookTM application feature high quality images from the University of Michigan Medical School's Histology and Virtual Microscopy collection ( All SecondLookTM Histology applications are free to download. The complete app is covering all major human tissues and organs and the Basic Tissue app only the histology basics. By taking a "Second Look" at these slides, users are able to review, self-evaluate, and test their knowledge of histology in order to be better prepared for examinations.

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Please support the SecondLook™ initiative with a donation to our Michigan Medicine SecondLook™ Donation Champaign. Your donation will enable us to update all existing SecondLook™ resources and to transform them into Progressive Web Applications (PWA), including the SecondLook™ Histology apps. It will also benefit the publication of several new topics (Hematology, Pathogen ID, and Gross Anatomy). Any size contribution is welcomed and will help us to provide these popular review tools to students at the University of Michigan and to many more worldwide.

About the Author:

Michael Hortsch, Ph.D. is Professor in the Departments of Cell and Developmental Biology and of Learning Health Sciences at the University of Michigan Medical School where he has been teaching medical and dental histology since 1991. He has received many top teaching awards at his home institution, including a Kaiser Permanent Award for Excellence in Pre-clinical Teaching and a Provost's Teaching Innovation Prize for the SecondLookTM mobile apps. Dr. Hortsch is also investigating how and why novel electronic teaching resources support or sometimes interfere with effective student learning.

App content and Download Options from the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store:

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27 sets are available as the Histology Complete - SecondLookTM app from the iTunes:

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Basic Tissues:


The SecondLookTM Complete and the Basic Tissue apps are available for free downloads from the iTunes store.


The Michigan Histology SecondLookTM series consists of 27 slide sets, which cover all major human tissues and organs. They can either be downloaded as 6 organ-system bundle apps or as a complete app featuring all 27 sets. Users have the options of reviewing the slides in either random or sequential order and to combine different sets into a customized review session.

The slides in the Histology SecondLookTM applications include high quality images from the University of Michigan Medical School's Histology and Virtual Microscopy collection.

The slides also include detailed medical illustrations that test important histological concepts.


Medical, dental, nursing, and other health sciences students, and lab professionals. This application was designed with learners in mind, who want to self-evaluate and review their knowledge of human histology in preparation for quizzes or exams.


Here's what what iTunes Store and Google Play customers say about the SecondLookTM Histology app:

"This is a great app for reviewing basic histology. Not only is it detailed and very comprehensive, it is also a resource that makes extremely efficient use of my time. Both the EM and light microscope images are amazing and very instructive. I can’t wait to using this app for my histology classes"

"This is a wonderful app!! It is easy to use and a great resource and study aid. It has helped me tremendously and I would highly recommend it to anyone taking a Histology course! :-)"

"This is a great application with high quality digital microscopy pictures. It allows you to test yourself in histology everywhere through quizzes with the possibility to see the correct answer. I strongly recommend it to all the Medical Sciences students."

"Nice to see this app, makes me wish this was available to graduate students in the 70s🤓"

"La página es una excelente obra para la enseñanza en él área de la histologias (The page is an excellent work for education in the area of histology)"


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