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The Fetal Heart Rate Tracing SecondLookTM application is a study aid for learners of the medical professions (specifically Ob/Gyn, nursing and midwifery) to self-test their level of knowledge about this important diagnostic procedure widely used in pre-natal care. This mobile app covers the following topics: Basics of reading and evaluating fetal heart rate tracings, including baseline determination and variability; the evaluation and biological background of various types of accelerations and decelerations; and a set with case examples for practicing the interpretation of FHR tracings. The information is reviewed in a stepwise fashion to guide the learner through the evaluation of this commonly-used diagnostic procedure and discusses different clinical scenarios and their impact on patient care.

About the Authors:

Maxwell Spadafore is a fourth-year medical student at the University of Michigan Medical School. Dr. Maya Hammoud is Professor and Associate Chair for e-Learning and Enabling Technologies in the Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology and of Learning Health Sciences at the University of Michigan Medical School. Currently she serves as President of the Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics (APGO). Dr. Hammoud has dedicated her career to medical student education and serves in many educational leadership roles locally and nationally.

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The Fetal Heart Rate Tracing SecondLookTM mobile application with three complete sets can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store. 

Content Updates:

From time to time the app may be updated with revised content. The Fetal Heart Rate Tracing SecondLookTM app will display a prompt if new updates are available for download. Tapping "Update" will cause the slide decks to be updated.


The Fetal Heart Rate Tracing SecondLookTM app consists of three slide sets, which cover the basic interpretation of FHR tracings including the determination of baseline and variability, various types of acceleration and decelerations, and some examples and practice cases.

The first set explains the basics of a fetal heart rate tracing.

The second set covers acceleration and decelerations.

The different catagories of FHR tracings and their clinical meanings are discussed.

Specific FHR tracings are analyzed in a stepwise manner.


This mobile application is designed for learners of the biomedical sciences, especially students and practitioners in the fields of obstetrics, gynecology, nursing, and midwifery. It was conceived with learners in mind, who want to self-evaluate and review their knowledge of this widely-used diagnostic procedure for quizzes or examinations, as well as its use in patient care.


Here's what University of Michigan Medical Students said about the SecondLookTM concept:

"The Second Look (files) have been a godsend. They do a great job of both teaching and quizzing you on the relevant material. Once I complete the Second Look, I know I'm ready to quiz."

"The Second Look was a fantastic review for the exam, for both structure and function. I actually went over the Second Look (files) twice - once immediately after doing the lecture and lab to help reinforce what I learned, and then again before the exam as a review."

"The Second Look files are phenomenal and were an excellent way to test my knowledge after I had studied a bit."


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