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The Neuroanatomy SecondLook™ application is a study aid that provides a series of neuroanatomical images for users to self-test their level of knowledge and ability to recognize structures within the human central nervous system. The images in the Neuroanatomy SecondLook™ application were captured using the University of Michigan plastinated anatomy collection. This application was developed with the learner in mind, especially medical, dental, nursing, and other health sciences students, and lab professionals. The SecondLook™ Lite Neuroanatomy sample application is free to download and contains a representative slide from each of the available seven sets. The complete slide sets, covering Gross Neuroanatomy, Cranial Nerves, Diencephalon, Forebrain, Brain Stem, Limbic System, and Neurohistology, may be purchased as a complete mobile application. By taking a "Second Look" at these images, users are able to quickly self-evaluate and test their knowledge of the human central nervous system in order to identify gaps and to be better prepared for tests. This mobile application will also serve as an excellent review tool to prepare for licensing examinations. Both versions of this application are available for iPhones and iPads from the iTunes Store and for Android devices from the Google Play Store.

App content and Download Options from the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store:

Free Download of the Neuroanatomy Lite
from the iTunes Store or from Google Play

Download Neuroanatomy Full Application from the iTunes Store or from Google Play

A sample SecondLookTM Neuroanatomy Lite application with representative sample slides is available for free. The full seven set mobile application can be purchased for $6.99. All proceeds go to the University of Michigan.

Content Updates:

From time to time these apps may be updated with revised content. The Neuroanatomy app will display a prompt if new updates are available for download. Tapping "Update" will cause the slide decks to be updated.


The Michigan Neuroanatomy SecondLookTM series consists of seven slide sets, which cover the major parts of the human central nervous system. Users have the option of reviewing the slides in either random or sequential order.

The slides in the Neuroanatomy SecondLook applications include high quality images from the University of Michigan Medical School's plastinated anatomy collection.

The slides also include detailed medical illustrations that test important neuroanatomy concepts.


Medical, dental, nursing, and other health sciences students, and lab professionals. This application was designed with learners in mind, who want to self-evaluate and review their knowledge of human neuroanatomy in preparation for quizzes or exams.


Here's what what iTunes Store and Google Play customers say about the SecondLookTM Neuroanatomy app:

"I have found that this app is a fun, fast, and efficient way to review and quiz yourself on the most important neuroanatomy concepts. It has become an essential resource in my studies."

"Technology engaging science! Great"

"Really appreciate the website and the apps you provide very helpful and empowering."

"Very helpful app for medical students"

"Wish this had been available when I was teaching neuroanatomy"


iOS: Requires iOS 9.0 or later, and is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Android: Requires Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher and is compatible with most tablet and phone devices. 

Language: English

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