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Musculoskeletal Anatomy Series


The SecondLookTM mobile application for the iPad, the iPhone and Android devices is a review resource that provides a series of anatomical slides for users to self-test their level of knowledge of and ability to recognize key human musculoskeletal anatomical structures. The slides in the SecondLookTM Musculoskeletal Anatomy application feature images from the University of Michigan Medical School's Embalmed & Plastinated Anatomy Collections. The SecondLookTM Musculoskeletal Anatomy Lite application is free to download and comes with representative sample pages. The complete SecondLookTM Musculoskeletal Anatomy mobile application can be purchased and contains sets covering the osteology of upper and lower limbs, the soft tissues of upper and lower limbs, and the human torso including superficial back anatomy at a level pertinent to first year medical students, nursing and kinesiology students, and other learners of the medical sciences. It allows users to review, self-evaluate, and test their knowledge of musculoskeletal human anatomy in order to be better prepared for examinations.

App content and Download Options from the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store:

Free Download of the Musculoskeletal Anatomy Lite 
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Download Musculoskeletal Anatomy Full Application from the iTunes Store or from Google Play

The SecondLookTM Musculoskeletal Anatomy Lite application with representative sample slides can be downloaded for free. The full five set mobile application can be purchased for $6.99. All proceeds go to the University of Michigan.

Content Updates:

From time to time these apps may be updated with revised content. The SecondLookTM Musculoskeletal Anatomy app will display a prompt if new updates are available for download. Tapping "Update" will cause the slide decks to be updated.


The Michigan Musculoskeletal Anatomy 
TM series consists of five slide sets, which cover upper and lower limbs and torso gross anatomy. Users have the option of reviewing the slides in either random or sequential order.

The slides in the Musculoskeletal Anatomy SecondLook applications include high quality images from the University of Michigan Medical School's embalmed, osteology and plastinated anatomy collections.

The slides' images test important musculoskeletal anatomy and some clinical concepts.


Medical, dental, nursing, kinesiology, and other health sciences students, and lab professionals. This application was designed with learners in mind, who want to self-evaluate and review their knowledge of human musculoskeletal anatomy in preparation for quizzes or exams.


Here's what University of Michigan Medical and Dental Students and iTunes Store and Google Play customers say about the SecondLookTM MSK Anatomy app:
 said about the SecondLookTM concept:

"The Second Look (files) have been a godsend. They do a great job of both teaching and quizzing you on the relevant material. Once I complete the Second Look, I know I'm ready to quiz."

"A great on-the-go App for students to wrap up and know their unknowns before the exam. And a great tool for instructors to set up a practical anatomy examination."

"The Second Look files are phenomenal and were an excellent way to test my knowledge after I had studied a bit."


iOS: Requires iOS 7.0 or later, and is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Android: Requires Android 5 or higher and is compatible with most tablet and phone devices. If you are using the latest version of the app with Android 4.4 or lower, please turn the orientation lock off.

Language: English

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