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The Organic Chemistry Ia SecondLookTM application is a study aid that provides a structured exercise and review for students to develop and self-test their understanding in three units of introductory organic chemistry: line abbreviation and curved arrow drawing conventions; resonance contributors and 3D orbital representations; and Brønsted acid-base chemistry. These topical areas comprise the content of the first examination for CHEM 210 at the University of Michigan. Three levels of review are available in each unit: an overview of the subjects; a set of practice problems whose focus is on applying one conceptual area; and a set of test problems that integrate multiple areas, the latter of which are drawn from past examinations at the University of Michigan. This application asks its users to engage by paying attention and imagining a proper response as a solution is developed through a guided sequence of questions. By taking a "Second Look" through these guided reviews, users are able to quickly self-evaluate and test their organic chemistry understanding and to identify persistent errors or gaps that might exist in their learning. Additional topics will be added as they become available.

About the Author:

Dr. Brian P. Coppola has been a professor of chemistry since 1982, and a member of the faculty at the University of Michigan since 1986. He has received a number of prestigious awards that recognize his contributions to organic chemistry education, including being named the CASE/Carnegie US National Professor of the Year (2009) and the recipient of the 2012-14 Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching. He has been a leader in areas including peer-led instruction and on the important role that having multiple, diverse resources means for promoting student choice about how to approach their learning. He says that through the SecondLookTM platform, students can break down complex problems into an intentional series of questions that captures the pedagogical approach of an educational expert in chemistry.

App content and Download Options from the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store:

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Free Download of the Organic Chemistry I Lite from the iTunes Store or from Google Play

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Download the full Organic Chemistry Ia Application from the iTunes Store or from Google Play


The SecondLookTM Organic Chemistry I Lite application with representative sample slides can be downloaded for free at the iTunes or the Google Play Store. The full nine set mobile application can be purchased for $5.99. All proceeds go to the University of Michigan.

Content Updates:

From time to time these apps may be updated with revised content. The SecondLookTM Organic Chemistry app will display a prompt if new updates are available for download. Tapping "Update" will cause the slide decks to be updated.


The full SecondLookTM Organic Chemistry Ia mobile app consists of nine slide sets, which cover line abbreviation and curved arrow drawing conventions; resonance contributors and 3D orbital representations; and Brønsted acid-base chemistry. Additional topics will be added in subsequent releases. The SecondLookTM Lite Organic Chemistry I sample application is free to download and contains a representative selection of slides from the complete Organic Chemistry Ia app.

The initial SecondLookTM Organic Chemistry Ia release covers three topics with three sets each. Each topic has an Overview, a Practice, and a Test set that can be selected independently.


The Overview sets give a summary of the topic explaining the central concepts.

The Practice sets provide a number of simple exercises for solving basic problems representing the topic.


Building on the Summary and Practice sets, the Test sets each have 25 examination-style problems.



This mobile application is for undergraduate students taking an introductory college-level Organic Chemistry I course. It was conceived with learners in mind, who want to develop, self-evaluate, and review their knowledge of basic organic chemistry in preparation for quizzes or exams.


Here's what University of Michigan Students said about the SecondLookTM concept:

"The Second Look (files) have been a godsend. They do a great job of both teaching and quizzing you on the relevant material. Once I complete the Second Look, I know I'm ready to quiz."

"The Second Look was a fantastic review for the exam, for both structure and function. I actually went over the Second Look (files) twice - once immediately after doing the lecture and lab to help reinforce what I learned, and then again before the exam as a review."

"The Second Look files are phenomenal and were an excellent way to test my knowledge after I had studied a bit."


    • iOS: Requires iOS 9.0 or later, and is compatible with iPhones and iPads.
    • Android: Requires Android 5.0 or higher and is compatible with most tablet and phone devices.
    • Language: English

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